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Rifi Kythouka
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Rifi Kythouka : a glympse on the artist.

Rifi Kythouka comes from Congo - Brazzaville where he was born in 1951.At the age of fourteen he was already founder and animator of the famous vacal band " Les Cols Bleus " from Pointe Noire, the second major town of his country.
In 1975, he was allowed into the" Centre de Formation et de recherche d'Art dramatic " (C.F.R.A.D.)
In 1976 and 1977, the Congolese TV welcomed him as animator of a humoristic TV broadcast.

In 1978, he left his country for the " Conservatoire " in Paris and afterwards the Pantomimes High School, " La Schola Cantorum ".After that, he became a member of the " Ballet Theatre Lamba ", the traditional dance ballet band of Congo(Brazzaville) with Michel RAFA, leader of the group, and Pierre MATA, choreographer.At this time, he signed his first album too, " Secousse Croco , produced by Faustin DACOSTA.With his studies finished, the artist had particulary distinguished himself in directing, acting, singing, dancing, ...

In July 1983, he came to Belgium for the SFINKS FESTIVAL what drove him to participate in cultural and multidisciplinary activities such as workshops of African dance.Then he met Chris JORIS who introduced him in the "Bula Sangoma" band.Chris Joris, a real friend, stimulated Rifi Kythouka to become percussionist.At this time he tried his hand at everything, even at painting; he is the one who made the cover of Bula Sangoma's CD, produced by Rifi Kythouka and Ken Ndiaye.He created the  " Bongo Salsa " band with Jean - Paul STEENMANS and collaborated with " MUDCHARK " band influenced by the Indian music and finally with the " Liason Africubaine " band with Wanda Joosten.He integrated the big family of singing in wich he participated with other artists wellknown in the creation of, for example, " Bella Afrika " from Will TURA and "l'Etranger, c'est mon ami " from Raymond VAN 'T GROENEWOUD.He also collaborated with the " International New Scene " company as actor and musician with, among others, Charles CORNETTE and Hilde UITERLINDEN at the staging and at KNS Bourla with Tone BRULIN.The stage however is not his favourite ground.The cinema led him to the big screen with the film " La Promesse " of the Ardenne Brothers in which he plays the role of the soothsayer.He also worked for the small screen in the " Bew & Blanche " serial on VTM and in "La la la Live", a television broadcast presented by Bart Peeters on the Dutch television.At that time, he also joined Walter METS in the " SANSAVANA  band .

Rifi Kythouka & Bula Matari.

"TOURBILLON (=storm).

Cd Riffi Kythouka